About 1000 Words

1000 Words is a collection of images taken across Timor-Leste over many years by Andrew Mahar and Lyn Jenkin, who have been working together since 2007.

We are proud to present this collection of photographs that visually documents the WithOneSeed program from when it began in 2009. The collection includes images ranging from the very first WithOneSeed farmer cooperative meetings and tree plantings in Baguia, Timor-Leste, through to the building and operation of propagation nurseries. It documents the partnerships and communities’ participation in annual Environmental Education Week activities, and the rigorous carbon certification process undertaken by WithOneSeed to ensure the carbon sequestered by the trees was certified under an international (Gold) standard.

The photos also tell personal stories of the subsistence communities, people and environments WithOneSeed supports, as well as the people and partners who support the program.

More broadly, as we have travelled across Timor-Leste, we estimate over 40,000 photos have been taken, edited and curated for this 1000 Words website. We hope the collection shows the rich culture, diversity, beauty and challenges of a people who have generously shared their experiences with us, in a land we have been touched by.

About the photographers

Andrew Maher AM

Andrew is a co-founder of WithOneSeed and a community organiser in both Australia and Timor-Leste. He has been involved in creating social enterprises for 30 years and has built his knowledge and understanding from practical, hands-on experience working in the not-for-profit field. Andrew began his work in Timor-Leste in 2003 and has developed several successful social enterprises, including the WithOneSeed community forestry program. He first invited Lyn to work with him in Timor in 2009.

Lyn Jenkin

Lyn is a design communications specialist and founder of a social business called Disruptive Media. She has 30 years’ experience working in the not-for-profit sector, developing social-impact communications, cause-related marketing, graphic design, photography and video production. Lyn's priimary role in the WithOneSeed program is to visually document the program on the ground in Timor-Leste and develop communications materials back in Australia to inform and engage people in the program.

Partner organisations

Disruptive Media

Making a difference, differently

Disruptive Media is a design studio that specialises in cost-effective, strategic, integrated communications for community-focused organisations.

We bring our communications experience and skills to organisations that are doing good things, to help influence social change.

For over 25 years, Disruptive Media have been working with not-for-profits, social enterprisesd, community services, non-government organisations, government and corporations that do good. As a social business oursel;ves, we share the vision and values of organisations seeking to make a difference.

A social business supporting social change

Our work in guided by the UN sustianability development goals. We're also proud to be a Certified B Corporation® — an ethical, social and environmental organisation using business as a force for good.

xpand Foundation

The xpand Foundation creates and supports social enterprises that encourage social inclusion of disadvantaged people to build their social and economic participation in a society committed to a green future in the digital age. The xpand Foundation is :


No part of the company’s income or property may be paid, transferred or distributed directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or other profit distribution, to any of the members or directors.


The Foundation’s income and property must be applied solely towards promoting the company’s purposes.


A majority of the members of the company at all times must be persons who are not one or more of government, local government, a government department or a government authority, or an employee or officer of any of the above.

The xpand Foundation’s governing body is its board of directors.

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